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The Worst Beauty Habits You Must Avoid

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The Worst Beauty Habits You Must Avoid

There are many habits that we do on a daily basis with even knowing how badly they could be affecting us. These practices can ruin our skin and hair, and make us look much older! Check them out:

Cleansing your skin in the morning: While sleeping, your skin regenerates its PH and collagen, so why get rid of all this in the morning? Clean or wash your face with the right products at night before going to bed, and do that every 24 hours.

  • Tip: In the morning, splash your face with and apply moisturizer with SPF.

Wrapping wet hair in towel: Wet hair is very sensitive and weak, and by wrapping it up in a towel after you shower “Turban Style” can really cause it to break and stretch.

  • Tip: Instead of wrapping your hair up try blotting and squeezing it with the towel to get rid of the water.

Forgetting about your neck: Everything you apply to your face must be applied to your neck as well, neglecting your neck can make it age faster.

  • Tip: When you apply moisturizer to your face move on to your neck, when applying moisturizer to your neck use an upward downward movement. Don’t use harsh cleansers, or anti-aging treatments that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid or retinol on your neck, the skin there doesn’t produce the same amount of oils as the face does, so it’s more delicate.

Your mascara wand: Not only pumping your mascara wand will make it dry faster, the air can force some of the bacteria coming from your eyes inside the bottle where the germs can multiply.

  • Tip: Pull the wand out gently and move it around inside the container.