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Your Beauty Tips Up in the Air

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Your Beauty Tips Up in the Air

On your way to enjoying your honeymoon or vacation, make sure that you take good care of your skin, as the high altitude and air pressure can have a great effect on your skin.

Keep in mind that you cannot carry creams or cosmetics in containers larger than 50ml with you on the airplane according to air travel regulations. Liquids, hair sprays, aerosol deodorants are a no no. If you have sample sizes of creams, makeup and toiletries, this is the perfect time to use them.

Moisturize your skin: Airplane air is dry, so use a thick moisturizer to lock in your skin’s moisture and apply it regularly. Use heavy petroleum-based products for your hands and elbows.

Hydrate: Drink water. We know how uncomfortable going to the airplane toilet is, but don’t overlook this important point.

Balm your lips: Apply lip balm to avoid chapping as your lips will dry up easily with in-flight air pressure.

Avoid eye dryness: If you suffer from dryness in your eyes, make sure you carry your eye drops with you and apply them during the flight.

One last piece of advice for your travel beauty regime: Go for nude nail polish. Skip the bright nail polish on your trip as chipped nails in nude color or French manicure are less likely to be detected.  Bon voyage!