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Your Bridal Beauty: Should You DIY or Go Pro?

Getting married soon?Looking for a Beauty Center or a Makeup Artist?Let's help you find them.
Your Bridal Beauty: Should You DIY or Go Pro?

If you’re considering whether you should do your own make-up for your wedding or hire a professional make-up artist, here are a few things to consider before you make your decision.

DIY if you are:

  • Laid-back about your make-up and don’t consider it as a priority spend.
  • Good at doing your own make-up and want to have complete control over your look.


Tip: if you are doing your own make-up, invest in good brushes and professional tools for a perfectly polished look.

Book a make-up artist if:

  • You are not good at applying make-up yourself.
  • You want to avoid the pressure of getting your make-up done in time for the wedding.
  • You want a professional, groomed look that will stand out in photographs.