Your Wedding Scent by Elie Saab

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Your Wedding Scent by Elie Saab

International Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab takes our breaths away with his magical designs. But the talented Elie Saab did not stop at fashion creations; he expanded his work to fragrances and perfumes.

And just like his fashion designs, we must say that Elie Saab’s fragrances did not disappoint.

Look, feel, and smell your best on your wedding day with any of Elie Saab’s tasteful fragrances.

Elie Saab, Le Parfum

Le Parfum Eau de Parfum Intense Elie Saab

Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau de Toilette

L'Eau Couture Elie Saab

Essence No. 1 Rose Elie Saab

Essence No. 2 Gardenia Elie Saab

Essence No. 3 Ambre Elie Saab

Essence No. 4 Oud Elie Saab