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3 Unusual Desserts For Your Wedding

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3 Unusual Desserts For Your Wedding

If you're a bride who wants a super unique wedding, that will have your wedding guests talk about for a long time, you will love these wedding dessert ideas.

Elliot, the Art Director at You & Your Wedding, has shared some of his favorite unusual wedding desserts. 

Brides are always looking for the next big thing when it comes to their wedding, especially in the Middle East. Arab brides love to have unique items and details at their weddings; the more unique the better.

So, if you're planning your wedding and looking for some very different wedding desserts, you will find something that suits you here:

Mini Banana Mad Hatters: These tiny bites are not only delicious, they can also be used as wedding favors as they could come wrapped in elegant boxes. From


Unusual Flavored Donuts: Donuts have been trending for a while now in weddings, but this trend is taking donuts to a whole new level, with flavors such as popcors, lucky charms, and edible flowers.


Cookies with Edible Flowers: These vanilla iced cookies with edible flowers are not only beautiful, but they are delicious as well! Also read: "Flower-Filled Food at Your Wedding"


Adapted from: You & Your Wedding