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4 Midnight Snacks Ideas For Your Wedding

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4 Midnight Snacks Ideas For Your Wedding

Arab weddings in general tend to go on late at night, easily passing midnight by a couple of hours, particularly in Saudi Arabia.

If you have served dinner earlier and feel that your guests need a snack before calling it quits, it’s a good idea to serve your wedding guests a midnight snack.

Read our article: “Late Night Snacks at Your Wedding” for some great and delicious ideas!

Check these additional 4 ideas we have in mind for a midnight snack to serve your guests during your wedding:

Strawberry, Brownies and Marshmallow Kebabs


Mini Pizzas


Hummus Dip and Arabic Bread


Cheese Boards or Cheese Bar


Your guests will thank you for the delicious snack at the end of the night as they probably will be hungry after all the dancing!