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5 Most Frequently Asked Wedding Cake Questions

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5 Most Frequently Asked Wedding Cake Questions

Here are the 5 most asked questions regarding wedding cake etiquette answered:

Do we have to have a wedding cake at our wedding?

Not having a wedding cake will not ruin your wedding, it’s a personal choice after all! If you are not a fan of wedding cakes, choose something else you love. 

When do we have to cut the cake and why does the timing matter?

Cutting the cake provides an unspoken signal to your guests that it is okay for them to leave without being thought of as rude.
The cake is usually cut right before or right after dinner, before the next phase of dancing starts, as a courtesy especially to the elderly that they are free to leave whenever they want.

Do we have to serve dessert after dinner if we are already serving cake?

Wedding cake is considered dessert, and you can serve only wedding cake after dinner so long as the cake is enough to go around for all guests.

Some couples have fun with their cake and the bride or groom playfully smudge some on each other’s faces, is that appropriate?

This is totally a judgment call for both the bride and groom; depending on your guests, your parents, etc. But if you’re up for it, that’ll definitely make for some seriously funny wedding pictures.

Is there a proper way of cutting the cake?

The bride should place her hand on the knife and the groom places his hand over hers, they should make 2 smooth cuts at the bottom tier. It is tradition that the groom feeds his bride the first bite and then the bride reciprocates.