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5 Wedding Dessert Table Ideas For a Sweet Wedding

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5 Wedding Dessert Table Ideas For a Sweet Wedding

If you’re planning on having a dessert table on your wedding, the ideas and options are endless! Whether it’s the actual desserts, colors, or theme, or even the way you present the desserts, your guests will love to indulge in sweet treats.

You can have a candy buffet filled with all your favorite candies, or a dessert table with desserts you love.

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Here are some creative and beautiful wedding dessert table ideas to give you more inspiration:

The Ladder Dessert Buffet: Bored of the traditional buffet and tables? We love this innovative use of a ladder as a dessert buffet!


Cookie Jars: Let your guests choose their favorite cookies.


Crepe Station: Your guests will love the sweet treats and the option of adding different fillings and toppings.


Cotton Candy: Take your guests back to their childhood with a cotton candy station or table.


Chocolate Dipped Fruits Buffet: A buffet filled with chocolate dipped strawberries, cherries, bananas, mangos and more, sounds delicious!