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8 Ways to Save On Your Wedding Cake

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8 Ways to Save On Your Wedding Cake

Who says you can’t get your dream wedding cake with a limited budget? You don’t have to spend a fortune on your wedding cake for it to be beautiful.

Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Cakes are priced per slice, and not every guest is going to eat your wedding cake, so for example if you have 150 guests ask for 120-125 slices.

2. You can create the effect of a large cake by separating each of the real cake layers with decorated non-cake layers, such as Styrofoam and fabric, this way a 2 or 3 tier cake can look like a 6 tier cake.

3. Instead of stacking the cake, have each tier presented on different platters and pedestals side by side, this will cut your costs of stacking and decorating a tiered cake.

4. Choose a smaller “fancy” wedding cake for the cake show, but serve non-decorated sliced cake to the guests, no one will tell the difference.

5. Choose a classic round or squared shape cake and not a customized shaped cake, as they can cost a lot more.

6. Butter cream frosting is a bit cheaper than fondant covering, since fondant takes more effort and time rolling out and applying on the cake. Some bakers will have them all at the same price, just make sure you ask first.

7. Simple and classic sugar-paste flowers and pearls can make your cake look more expensive for less.  You can also use real flowers to decorate the cake as well. And don’t go for hand-piped lace designs, as they are a bit pricey.

8. Choose a standard flavor, such as chocolate or vanilla, which will cost less than a “customized” or “premium” flavor, such as red velvet or blueberry.