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Choosing Your Wedding Cake Flavor

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Choosing Your Wedding Cake Flavor

The wedding cake is the center of attraction at your wedding reception. All eyes will turn to look at the wedding cake when you are ready for the cake show! The wedding cake has to reflect the overall theme of the wedding and capture your spirit. 

Although traditional wedding cake flavors, such as fruitcake, remain popular choices there is a vast range of other flavors that you can go for. Wedding cakes can come in almost any flavor you can think of.


Fruitcake was an ideal wedding cake as it kept for a long time and the ingredients made it a rich and expensive offering. Fruitcake has a much longer life than other choices and the top tier can freeze well for your 1st anniversary, if you want to hold on to this tradition. However, fruitcakes have taken a back seat to the more flavored and delicate tastes available these days.


Some factors to consider are the season you are having your wedding in, whether the wedding cake is the only dessert you are serving and to a lesser extent the time of day as most wedding receptions in the Arab world are normally held at night. Of course, matching the cake filling and icing with your cake flavor is very important. But that is a different subject for another article.

More flavors

Your options are unlimited! From classic sponge cake, to white vanilla flavored cake, lemon cake, mocha, chocolate, red velvet cake, orange, pineapple, hazelnut cake, carrot, and butterscotch… there are many options to choose from. Chocolate, red velvet and hazelnut cakes, for example, are better options for fall and winter weddings, while lighter cakes are better for spring and summer weddings.

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Your choice!

Despite all that, the best flavor for your wedding cake is the flavor that you and your fiancé like most! Go together to the patisserie or meet with the pastry chef at the hotel and ask to taste different flavors. After all, it’s a matter of personal taste.