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Fabric-Inspired Wedding Cake Designs

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Fabric-Inspired Wedding Cake Designs

People are getting more and more creative when it comes to wedding cake designs these days. One of the latest trends is wedding cakes inspired by fabric. Brides are matching the design on the icing of their cake to their wedding gowns adding a touch of haute couture to the cake.

Here are a few ideas and pictures to get inspired by. We are sure you will find a cake baker in your city that would be able to recreate your favorite print on your wedding cake.


A lace wedding cake is very elegant and vintage! 




Damask fabric is all about patterns and colors! Apply this to your wedding cake for an innovative look!



Nothing is cuter than bows! For a romantic and adorable wedding cake, add some bows to it.



Ikat is a beautiful fabric that comes in unlimited color! For a stylish, fun, and bold wedding cake this is definitely what you should go for!



Velvet is very romantic and warm! It definitely adds elegance to a wedding cake. 


If you feel a bit confused about what fabric inspiration you should go for, look no further than your own wedding dress! Check these pictures out:



We simply love wedding gowns as an inspiration to your wedding cake!