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Food and Drinks for Your Spring Wedding

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Food and Drinks for Your Spring Wedding

We recently posted an article on Arabia Weddings to help you "Pick a Theme for your Spring Wedding." We are now giving you ideas on how to choose the type of food and catering that goes along with a fresh colorful wedding!

In a spring wedding, food should mainly be light and simple. But you also have to consider your guests' choices, as some may be vegetarians or have certain allergies. Follow these steps and you will definitely have everyone happy and full by the end of the night!






Have fresh salads served, either individually or let your guests make their own salads by having a salad bar to choose from.

Fresh vegetables are great to serve in spring, with grilled chicken or meat.

It is always great to serve sea food on a spring wedding. Consult your caterer to know what your options are.

Sushi anyone? Consider having a live sushi station at your wedding, your guests will enjoy the interaction and the demonstration.







Fruits and fruit inspired desserts should definitely be served at a spring wedding! Here are a few options for you to consider:

-Fruit Parfait: A light and creamy dessert! Perfect for your guests to enjoy after a heavy dinner.

-Ice Cream and Sorbet: Have an ice cream or sorbet stand, for your guests to pick their favorite flavors from.

-Bite-size cheesecake: Who doesn't love cheesecake? Cherry, strawberry and blueberry cheesecake is always a fresh option to have at your spring wedding!


tart dessert


-Fruit Skewers: Fun and refreshing, circulate a mix of colorful fruits on skewers for your guests to enjoy.



Get creative with the drinks you will serve to your guests, great drinks for a spring wedding would be lemonade, ice tea, fruit cocktails, even milkshakes!




lemon cake


The wedding cake should match the theme and colors of the wedding. And now that you picked your wedding theme, it's time for your cake! If you still haven't, check our Spring Wedding Themes article for inspiration!  

But just to help you out, choose light and bright colors for your cake, add colorful icing and decorations.

For the flavor, you should definitely choose your favorite! (Don't forget to take the groom's opinion too). Some spring inspired flavors you might like: Lemon, orange, vanilla and strawberry.