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Getting Creative with Your Wedding Cake

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Getting Creative with Your Wedding Cake

We all know wedding cakes are a tradition in every wedding! But if you are tired of the usual and want something new, modern and fresh, how about you take a look at the alternatives?

A big trend now is cupcakes, they are everywhere! Cupcakes are getting really popular in weddings too. They are easy to serve, cute, and yummy. You can choose them in any color you want according to your wedding theme, and you can either have them served on each table or have a huge cupcake tower for your guests to pick their cupcakes from.

Another idea trending is mini cakes. They can look exactly like a wedding cake but a smaller version served on each guest's plate.

getting creative with cake

If you like cake and want it at your wedding, but can't decide on a flavor, or you don’t want to have just one cake and one flavor, why don’t you think of having a cake buffet? Instead of a huge traditional cake, have a buffet of several varieties of cakes in different flavors and designs.

getting creative with cake

Another creative cake alternative that is presently very hot is "Cake Pops"! If you haven't tried them yet, you are missing out on a lot! Cake pops, (also called cake balls) are basically cake and frosting on a stick. You can also have a few waiters serve them as they don’t need plates or forks.

creative with cake

You can also go with a dessert buffet of different kinds of dessert or a candy buffet. Having a buffet with all kinds of candy arranged beautifully will make everyone, young and old, happy.

getting creative with cake      getting creative with cake

Finding cake alternatives is pretty easy; all you have to do is get creative. Search for ideas and ask around for what suits your style and wedding theme. For more creative ideas check our wedding cakes, cupckaes and desserts gallery for inspiration.