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Menus with Conditions

Are you, your groom, or any guest invited to your wedding vegetarian, on a diet, or has any food allergies? You mustn’t overlook these conditions on your wedding. Check out our ideas, tips and advice to create a great menu that suits everyone.


Tip: Add rice and pasta to the menu with different vegetable sauces and options.


Dessert Ideas: Most desserts have eggs, milk and butter in them. But you can ask your caterer or chef to make them eggs, milk, butter and even sugar free! Yes it is possible and will taste as good as ordinary desserts.


Discuss your options with your caterer, and suggest desserts such as vegan, gluten free cupcakes and cookies, macaroons, sorbets, and Arabic or Turkish sweets such as Baklava (believe it or not there is such a thing as vegan baklava!)


Also, don't forget to have a lot of fruits! Be creative when it comes to serving them; have a watermelon carved and the fruits placed inside it, place them on skewers, or serve chocolate dipped fruits, they're all delicious and healthy!


Tip: If you are a committed vegan but still want to enjoy your wedding cake, call a few bakers and do some research to provide them with, you will surely find a bakery that will make a vegan wedding cake for you!


Tip: Don't forget that most of our Arab dishes and mezzes are vegetarian and delicious!   


Allergies: There is no way you can find out about all your guests' allergies! Your guests will know what they should and shouldn't eat and will ask the chef or caterer for the ingredients.


"As a result of her diet preference and allergy to gluten, Chelsea Clinton's wedding menu, estimated to have cost nearly $750,000, was largely vegan and gluten-free. As a compromise for her meat-eating wedding guests, grass-fed organic beef was also served."


Tip: Look for wedding caterers that specialize in vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food or ask your caterer if they do provide such menus.


Tip: If you are worried that some guests may have specific allergies or food conditions, then add a note to your wedding invitation that anyone with specific food demands or allergies is welcome to let you know so you can inform your caterer. (Especially if the dinner is seated and not a buffet.)


Tip: Ask your caterer to place a notecard in front of each dish with the name and main ingredients, or just mention that this dish is "Gluten Free" "Vegetarian" "Fat Free" and so on.


Remember it is nice to take your guests' choices into consideration, but it is not an obligation. So if you don't have the time or effort to work on all these details don't worry about it. A simple varied buffet is always a perfect choice!



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