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Non-Alcoholic Drinks at Your Wedding

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Non-Alcoholic Drinks at Your Wedding

Whether it's for religious reasons, a tight budget, or family customs and traditions, serving non-alcoholic drinks at your wedding should not stop at the usual sodas and juices.

Drinks are very important at a wedding, just like food. Make your wedding fun and refreshing by serving your guests delicious cocktails throughout the wedding. 

Consult your caterer or bar tender on particular cocktails that they can serve at the wedding. Match the color of the cocktails with your wedding’s color scheme and theme. You can also add ornaments to the glasses that go along with your theme.

If you are looking for something more fun, colorful, and yummy, try these recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails and ask your bartender to serve them at your wedding:

Sunrise Cocktail:

Orange juice

Grenadine or cherry syrup

Ice garnish

Decorate with a cherry or orange slice

Wild Berry Mojito:

A mix of berries



Soda water to add fizz


Cranberry Juice

Orange Syrup

Drops of lime juice

Neon Lemonade:


Blue-tinted non-alcoholic fruit punch

Shirley Temple:

Ginger Ale


Crushed ice

Faux Kir:

Raspberry syrup or Grenadine

Sparkling cider

For decoration and taste, float fresh raspberries on top!

If want to make sure you please everyone at your wedding, you can also serve non-alcoholic Wine, Champaign, or Beer.