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Stylish Ways to Display Food at Your Wedding

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Stylish Ways to Display Food at Your Wedding

Amy Atlas, also known as "The Sweets Stylist," is a coveted entertaining expert, baking and crafting stylist, and is internationally recognized for creating the stylized dessert bar trend.

So to help you present your wedding foods and desserts in a stylish and trendy way, here are some great tips from Amy Atlas:

Use fabulous furniture: Set your food or drinks on a gorgeous vintage dresser, a gleaming grand piano or on a rustic table to add a dazzling sense of design to your venue.

Create a great backdrop: It might be an oversized sign for your signature dessert bar, a chandelier hung above your beverage bar or a dramatic picture window behind a grand vintage table.

Create theme-inspired ID signs:  Use signs to let guests know what the food, drink or dessert is, using print motifs like flourishes and chevrons that match your reception decor.

  • TIP: Do label anything containing nuts.

It’s All About Variety: Pick both tall and low vessels to show off your food and to make the table visually interesting.

Use the Right Serving Plates: Select flat serving pieces for food items that can’t be piled up (like cupcakes) and choose compotes and bowls for food items that can be piled high (like macaroons and truffles).

  • TIP: Do choose vessels with wide enough openings; don’t pick a container for candy that guests can’t get their scoop into!

Maintain: Make sure you hire enough staff to replenish the food buffet, candy buffet, and drinks.

Adapted from: Bridal Guide