Temari Cake Balls Are The Next Big Wedding Cake Trend

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Temari Cake Balls Are The Next Big Wedding Cake Trend

Dear brides-to-be, if you still didn’t choose your wedding cake yet, then you might want to take a look at this beautiful wedding cake alternative that is unique, stunning, and delicious!

What are Temari Cake Balls?

Temari are traditional Japanese hand balls for kids to bounce and dribble. So these cakes are inspired by the Japanese toy, the temari ball, which is usually made from silk. But the cake versions are not only edible, they look magical as well.

Makito Searle, owner of Maki’s Cakes has set this new wedding trend.

“To make the balls, the cakes are baked in a half sphere silicone mould. The cakes are then levelled and a small amount of cake is scooped out with a melon baller. Half the spheres are filled with jam and half with buttercream and they're then chilled. Two halves are then put together before the whole thing is lightly coated in buttercream. When thoroughly chilled the balls are covered in marzipan,” says Laura from Laura Loves Cakes.

“The finishing touch is the addition of a little lustre dust, some glitter and piped royal icing,” Laura adds.

Here are some beautiful Temari Cake Balls for your wedding: ​