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Tips For a Beautiful and Inexpensive Candy Buffet For Your Wedding

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Tips For a Beautiful and Inexpensive Candy Buffet For Your Wedding

Candy buffets are still trending for weddings in 2016, and wedding guests love to indulge in sweet treats.

Most of the time, the couple asks their wedding planner to create their candy buffet, which can be created in different colors and themes, but can also be a bit costly.

But what if we told you can create an amazing candy buffet for a cheaper cost?

All you need is to have the right containers and equipment, which you can buy at a very low cost, or rent, or even borrow!

Always consider the weather when creating your candy buffet, and don't choose items that can melt in the heat if you're having an outdoor summer wedding.

Here are some more tips that will help you create a beautiful candy buffet that is fun and inexpensive:

  • Choose containers with different heights and sizes, you can find them at cheaper prices at some stores, and you can even make a bargain if you get them on sale!

Why not consider using fish bowls or tanks? It might sound like a strange idea, but they will look beautiful once they are filled with candy.

نصائح لتجهيز طاولة حلويات غير مكلفة

  • To create a variation of containers, you can easily glue a candle holder to a glass vase to give it some height.

نصائح لتجهيز طاولة حلويات

  • When choosing your candy, don't limit yourself to specific colors as this will limit your choices and make it harder for you to find the right candy and sweets. Choose a variety of chocolates, marshmallows, and colorful candies.
  • Take advantage of the holiday seasons, where there are huge amounts of candies that are on sale, or find a good wholesale store that sells them for a cheaper price.

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  • Print and write some signs for your buffet, also ask your wedding venue for an extra table to place your candy buffet on, most venues don't mind providing an extra table.​

نصائح لتجهيز طاولة حلويات غير مكلفة لحفل الزفاف

  • Do not put small sized candy in large containers, this will only make you need more candy to fill the big container, and the container won't look as nice if it is not filled, so choose the right candy for the right container.

نصائح لتجهيز طاولة الحلويات

  • Check out this easy trick to help you fill big containers with small candies, to make it look full!

نصائح لتجهيز بوفيه الكاندي

  • Pay attention to the size of the bags that your guests will use to fill their candy, choose smaller bags to make sure you don't run out of candy.

نصائح لتجهيز بوفيه الكاندي في العرس

Remember that the candy buffet is not meant for your guests to have all the kinds of candy there is, it is a small gesture for you to thank your guests for attending your wedding.

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