Top 7 Wedding Cake Flavors by International Baker

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Top 7 Wedding Cake Flavors by International Baker

At just 24 years old, TLC's Next Great Baker TV show winner, Marissa Lopez, has perfected the recipe for wedding cakes, according to

Here are her favorite flavors of all time:



1. THE NEW CLASSIC: Red Velvet + Cream Cheese Frosting

"This is a good in-between option—more adventurous than basic vanilla or chocolate but still a hit with the guests."


2. THE CHOCOHOLIC'S DREAM: Devil's Food Cake + Chocolate Ganache

It's the ultimate chocolate cake —I'd want to eat this cake at my own wedding!"


3. THE CITRUS TWIST: Lemon Cake + Lemon Buttercream + Lemon Curd

"I suggest this for summer weddings—it's refreshing, and you can easily add fruit, like fresh blueberries, to the filling."


4. THE SHOWSTOPPER: Pink Champagne Cake + Raspberry Mousse + Vanilla Buttercream

"Girly brides—and husbands who don't mind a bright pink cake—love this. Instead of adding water to the batter, I use champagne."


5. THE HARVEST PICK: Apple Spice Cake + Caramel Buttercream + Brown-Sugar Mousse

"My take on the caramel apple. I can see these flavors working for an autumn wedding in a rustic venue, like a barn."


6. THE NOSTALGIC FAVORITE: Chocolate and Vanilla Cakes + Chocolate Buttercream + Mocha Mousse

"Everyone loves chocolate and vanilla, and this combination is the best of both worlds. The mocha mousse gives it a grown-up twist."


7. THE PEOPLE PLEASER: Sponge Cake + Vanilla Buttercream Topped with Coconut + Bavarian Cream with Fruit

"I recommend this to a lot of my couples. It's a basic cake with a nice, light cream filling, and you can add any in-season fruit you like. A guaranteed hit."