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Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

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Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Cake toppers in recent years have evolved. The plastic bride and groom dolls displayed on the top tier of the cake are no longer the norm. A new twist has been given to the traditional bride and groom statues and more creative ideas have given way to more attractive personalized cake toppers.

A wedding cake topper is a fun aspect of your wedding and an item that you can keep for years to come as a memory of your special day. The best thing to do when it comes to selecting your cake topper is to personalize it. Adding a personal touch to the wedding cake with a unique wedding cake topper goes a long way to express who you -the bride and groom- really are. 

Here are a few things to take into consideration before you get started:

Take into account your wedding theme and match the cake topper accordingly.

Think about your hobbies when picking a cake topper.

Reflect on your uniqueness and your own love story.


Choices to pick from:


Bride and Groom statues with a twist

If you like the idea of a bride and groom cake topper, why not go for one with a modern twist? Choose something lighter, funnier or something that represents a hobby that you both share. You can even nowadays personalize the cake toppers to make them look like you.


 Fresh flowers

More and more brides and grooms are opting to top their wedding cakes with fresh flowers. This is a simple, elegant and easy way to top your cake and add some color to it. Remember to use the same flowers you are using for the rest of your wedding, or at least stick with the same color scheme. Make sure the flowers have been cleaned thoroughly.


Sugar flowers

You can have your cake flowers and eat them too! Ask your wedding cake baker to top your cake with sugar flowers. Match the flowers with your wedding theme and colors. Sugar flowers, however, tend to be more expensive than fresh flowers, but they can freeze well if you opted to leave your top tier for your first wedding anniversary.


 Seasonal toppers

Toppers can also fit a seasonal wedding theme such as a starfish for a seaside wedding, a snowflake for a winter wedding, or two love birds for a spring wedding. 



Have your wedding monogram or initials made into a work of art for a personalized wedding cake topper. These can either be found at specialized shops or you could shop for them online. You can also opt to make them yourselves from e.g. wire, glass, metal, ceramics, silver, crystals… if, of course, you are an artistic person. You can later keep your cake topper around the house to compliment your décor and remind you of your special day.



Cake topper jewelry is a new trend that is picking up quickly. It can be splashes of fake jewels in the shape of hearts, butterflies, rain drops or tiaras.


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Bird cake toppers are very popular these days. And we don’t mean Angry Birds! We’re thinking more like the cute ones that you could dress up as a bride and groom or personalize them with your wedding colors, and even have them made in your own likeness for a fun and sweet touch.