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Wedding Cakes: Your Absolute Must Do's

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Wedding Cakes: Your Absolute Must Do's

When choosing a wedding cake and booking a baker, many couples tend to make some common mistakes, but here is exactly what you need to do when it comes to your wedding cake.

#1 Hire a professional: Unless your relative or friend is an actual cake baker, please don’t let them bake your wedding cake, no matter how many wedding cake tutorials they watched on YouTube!

#2 Do your homework: Look at plenty of wedding cake pictures and decide exactly what you want, in terms of the color, shape, height, flavor and every single detail before you meet with your baker.

*Tip: You need to know that the more complicated and detailed your cake is the more expensive it will be.

*Tip: Ask your baker if you can taste different flavors before deciding on any.

#3 Book early: Book your cake baker 2 to 3 months in advance.

#4 Ask questions: Don’t hesitate to ask your baker any questions you have in mind.

*Tip: Ask how far in advance they make the cake prior to the wedding, and who will be making the cake, as sometimes it can be a different person. If so, ask to meet him/her.

*Tip: Ask about how and when the cake will be delivered, so you can contact your venue to be prepared as well.

#5 Ask for a color swatch: Just like painting your house, some colors can come out in different shades and not like you asked for, so ask your baker if they can provide you with the color ranges they have for you to choose the exact shade you want.

#6 Listen to your baker: Ask your baker for his/her opinion and take their advice, they are the professionals after all.

#7 Eat your cake: Some couples forget to eat and enjoy their wedding cake with all the wedding celebrations. Ask a waiter or your caterer to save 2 pieces for you and your partner so you can enjoy later in the wedding or as a midnight snack.

*Tip: If you’re planning on preserving your top tier for your 1 year anniversary, ask your caterer to save it, wrap it and store in the freezer so you can take it with you later. Read our article: "Save Your Wedding Cake for Your First Anniversary."