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Wedding Food Trends in 2015 As Predicted By The Experts

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Wedding Food Trends in 2015 As Predicted By The Experts

Food is always a big part of any wedding, if the food is bad then your wedding guests will definitely not be happy. Who wants that?

When it comes to wedding food, couples usually go for the traditional buffet or seating menu options, but if you’re looking to serve your wedding guests something special, then we have a few ideas and trends you’ll like.

Experts share their wedding food trend predictions in 2015:

Curtis Stone: “Seasonal Food, served family-style. As we all know, people are much more conscious about what they’re eating these days, so serving a good range of food (seasonal sides, salads, meats, crispy potatoes…) on big platters allows people to customize what ends up on their plate. It’s also a very social way to share and enjoy food.”


Colin Cowie: “Farm-to-table isn’t just the biggest trend in restaurants right now, it’s also the hottest thing in weddings. Nowadays, brides aren’t just asking for organic greens – they are asking for the exact farm that their greens came from. Caterers are working with local farms to create the best menu and experience for the new-age bride.”