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Welcome Buffets Are a New Wedding Trend in Saudi Arabia

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Welcome Buffets Are a New Wedding Trend in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia there are always new and creative wedding trends that emerge every season. Saudi brides are always looking to add some glamorous and luxurious touches to their weddings.

One of those beautiful touches is the welcome buffet; a new wedding trend in the Gulf, picking up particularly in Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

The welcome buffet has nothing to do with dinner or snacks on the banquet tables, it is a buffet that is placed inside the wedding hall, near the banquet tables, displayed with all kinds of sweets, drinks and gourmet foods.

Many Saudi brides present traditional Saudi and Arabic dessert called “Al Ta’ateema Al Hijaziya”.

The buffet is usually more decorated and smaller than the dinner buffet, it’s like a fancy corner for your guests to mingle at.

This idea is a great way to have a candy buffet or customized cocktails and juices for your guests to enjoy.

Check these stunning ideas for a welcome buffet at your wedding, and click here for more ideas for your welcome buffet!