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Your Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Cake

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Your Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Cake

How can I get my dream wedding cake? What makes a wedding cake perfect? These are just a couple of questions every bride asks herself when she's about to decide on her wedding cake.

To help you have the perfect wedding cake, here are some tips you should consider:

1. Know what you want. Look through magazines and websites to find out what style you like and dislike in wedding cakes. Select a baker and meet to discuss your interests at least 3 months in advance. Read: "8 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Cake Baker"

For some amazing ideas for your wedding cake check out our gallery!

2. Match the color of your wedding cake with your wedding reception theme. White is elegant, but you can be more creative if you like. If you want a specific shade of color, show your baker a sample of that colour.


"Match Your Wedding Cake with Your Flowers for a Perfect Wedding Decor"

"Runway Inspired Wedding Cake"

"Fabric-Inspired Wedding Cake Designs"

3. Don’t go for dark colors for the cream, such as navy blue or dark red, as it may color the lips and tongues of your guests! If you want to use these colors use a fabric ribbon around the cake, for example.

4. If using sugar or real flowers on your wedding cake, match the type of flowers used with your wedding bouquet, centerpieces or car decorations. 

5. Choose the cake flavor that you like. Rich fruit cake is very common. Other common flavors are vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.


"Choosing Your Wedding Cake Flavor"

"Unusual Wedding Cake Flavors for this Season"

"Unique Wedding Cake Flavors for Your Summer 2015 Wedding"

6. Use the type of cream that is suitable for the weather in your country and atmosphere at your wedding reception. Buttercream icing, for example, is not suitable for hot weathers. Royal icing or fondants hold better.

7. Take special notice of the cake stand, display table, table linen and knife or sword that you are cutting the cake with. Use a round table for round cakes and rectangle table for rectangular cakes. Use a neutral table linen to give emphasis on the cake itself.


"Trendy Wedding Cake Stands and Presentations"

8. You don’t need to use traditional cake toppers like bride & groom dolls as they have been overused. Go instead for flowers, either real or sugar flowers; sugar letters of your names; ribbons or bows. 

9. Don’t try to bake & decorate your own cake! Ask a professional to do that. It’s worth it. Arrange for the cake to be delivered to the wedding reception. Don’t pick it up yourself.

10. Save the top tier of your wedding cake for your first anniversary. Fruit cakes freeze well. Wrap it well in aluminum foil and place it in a tight container in the freezer. Enjoy!