A chit chat with Arabia Weddings: Rola Hamade of JASMINE NYE

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A chit chat with Arabia Weddings: Rola Hamade of JASMINE NYE

Specialized luxurious brand of women fashion accessories, particularly evening clutches, JASMINE NYE emerged at a cross road of diverse cultural mix with a medley of sumptuous creations. The exceptional vibrancy of JASMINE NYE’s designs is a combination of glamour, creativity, and quality workmanship: all the makings of a luxury product. 

We got a chance to ask Rola Hamade, the designer behind JASMINE NYE a few questions and here is what she had to say:

  • Tell us a bit about your start, how did you get into this business?

Since childhood, I grew up watching my mother, an elegant lady in her own way, who used to design her own clothes and jazz them up with gorgeous accessories. She taught me a great deal and passed on her artisanal work skills, fashion design tips and techniques.

So, I developed an eye for beauty and an interest in women fashion accessories.  Later on in life, I had an inner drive to become an established entrepreneur designer specialized in the realm I love the most, women fashion accessories.  JASMINE NYE, my own brand of luxurious evening bags, was born and since then my designs have been true to the brand’s motto which is “Glamour Beyond Limits”.


  • How do you best describe your designs?

JASMINE NYE designs are associated with style and glamour, featuring a remarkable mix of dazzling gala clutches, perpetuating luxury, premium quality, and elegance.

  • Who is your typical clientele?

JASMINE NYE’s clientele belongs to all walks of life, be it brides, maids of honor, socialites, jetsetters, artists, and professionals among others. The brand’s fascinating edge is the unique & diverse designs created to match the identity of each and every woman – the trendy, the classic, the edgy, the chic, the daring and the modern.


  • Where do you get your inspiration from?

There are myriads sources of inspiration be it art, nature, people, places, structural elements, etc. However, the main one remains the WOMAN figure, the grace and glamour surrounding her persona.

  • What elements do you use in most of your pieces?

Currently, the two main elements are leather and Swarovski crystals. Other elements are in the pipeline for future lines of accessories.


  • Some brides like to carry simple and elegant clutches or pouches on their big day, do you have anything bridal in your collection?

Certainly, a collection of chic and simple clutches is available for brides, maids of honor, and brides close family members, such as mothers and sisters. These clutches are timeless pieces that can be carried on their big day & beyond it.

  • Can brides-to-be collaborate with you to design their own wedding bags if they have a specific design in mind?

Collaboration and customization are indeed an ongoing process with part of our customers, specifically brides to be, to create exceptional festive clutches for their special day, be it engagement or wedding day. 


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