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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Sally of Sally Kaftans

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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Sally of Sally Kaftans

We previously interviewed Moroccan kaftan designer Sally, also known as Salima, and asked her about her designs. Read: "A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Kaftan Designer Sally"

But this time Sally has launched her new collection "Hareem Sultan" and we had to share the wonderful collection with you.

Sally introduces the handmade Moroccan Kaftan rich in old fashion detail yet embraces a very distinctive and contemporary style. With the best quality of materials, she creates elegant and classy Kaftan dresses.

Here is what she had to say about her latest collection:

  • Tell us more about your new collection what was the inspiration behind it?

My new ''Hareem Sultan’’ Collection was designed for ladies looking for chic, unique and unusual Moroccankaftans. Made from the finest materials and accented with amazing one of a kind details and finishing, each kaftan comes with its rich detailled trendy belt that add beauty and splendor.

The kaftans can be one or two pieces that we call in Morocco ''Takchita''.  The new collection has also special kaftans for brides. Opluent bridal kaftan dresses has been designed with its fancy matched veils. 

Make an entrance with ''Sally Kaftan Design’’Bridal moroccan kaftans will hit all the wedding ceremony guests and will not leave indifferent anyone.Being one of the ''Hareems'' of the ''Sultan'' has been the inspiration behind my new collection.

Every ''Hareem'' does the best to be unique for her ''Sultan", so my new collection kaftans are unique too, each design comes in one piece and never two look alike. It’is all about romantic glamour and a timelessly feminine style.


  • What are the fabrics and colors you used in your new collection?

I do love the lace fabric so I've used different kind of fines laces such beaded French lace, Guipure corded lace and the lovely Chantilly lace. I used also silk chameuse, silk satin and crepe georgette.


  • As for the embroidery and embellishment, tell us about the stones and handwork that was put into it...

All the kaftans are handemaded and embellished with high quality rare embroidered trims, very delicate beaded lace appliques, authentic Swarovski crystals and 3D flowers.

All has been unearthed here in the Unites States of America or during my trips to different Europeen coutries such France and Italy ... I do love dig inside the specialized stores and come out with rare trims, that are a tresor for me.  This is my best and favorite hobby ever. I'm addited to this kind of shopping.

And of course all is embellished with the Moroccan handmade trims that make the dress traditionnal.


Here are some reviews from Sally's costumers who loved her work and designs:

Rima from Jordan said: ''It's like a treasure for me".

Sonia from Algeria said: "I cannot describe how great my experience was with Salima, This is by far the best online purchase experience I had".

Ruaa from Saudi Arabia said: "The dress comes exactly as in the picture, and the most important thing is that each dress she has come only in one so you know that no one can dress like you ".

Abeer a Saudi Bride living in England commented: 'I ordered this for my wedding and was very worried at first, but honestly speaking, it exceeded my expectations".