Elegant Groom Fashion Trends You Will See in 2015

Elegant Groom Fashion Trends You Will See in 2015

Just like bridal fashion trends, groom fashion trends change every season and every year.

Grooms’ fashion doesn’t have to be boring and traditional, grooms are looking nowadays for more creative ways to show off their elegant style, and look more unique on their wedding day.

We will see a lot of navy suits accented with tones of yellow or blush pink this year.  Also a mismatched blazer or a waistcoat and bow tie combination will be trending in 2015.

Here are some of the latest groom fashion trends you will see in 2015:

Navy Blue: This color has been trending for the past 3 years, it looks like grooms are loving navy blue suits instead of the traditional black suit or tux.


Blush Touches: Blush and pink shades are trending in 2015, so add a pop of color to your suit and look very stylish on your wedding day.


Mismatch: Modern grooms love mismatched looks for a bold and very unique wedding day look! The key lies in selecting the best separates, and working them together to make an outfit that's coordinated yet quirky.


Waistcoats and Bowties: For a simpler and less formal look, pair a waistcoat with a stylish bow tie for a vintage look.


Yellow Hints: Blush is not the only trending color in 2015, but yellow is also a hot color among grooms this year, so add hints of yellow to your navy blue or grey suit for a pop of color.