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The 2019 Spring Wedding Dresses by Viktor & Rolf

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The 2019 Spring Wedding Dresses by Viktor & Rolf

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren are relatively new to the bridal fashion industry, the fashion designers behind Viktor&Rolf, expanded their label to include wedding dresses.

The 2019 wedding dresses have the same avant-garde flair as the brand's usual designs. The collection, called "Mariage," is all about contemporary luxury; it's unexpected in a sophisticated and impactful way.

"For us, 'Mariage' Spring/Summer 2019 presents an intricate offering of tulle techniques and flower motifs" the designers explained.

Viktor & Rolf 'Mariage' represents Viktor & Rolf’s artistic interpretation of bridalwear, adhering to the 3 key brand pillars: Unexpected Elegance, Conceptual Glamour, and Provocative Couture.

The 2019 wedding dresses feature big and bold strapless wedding dresses with layer upon layer of thick fabric. You will also notice some pretty bow accents, oversized floral details, and modern shapes.

Each dress in the collection has an individual, autonomous character.