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6 Wedding Shoe Tips to Remember

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6 Wedding Shoe Tips to Remember

One thing you should definitely keep in mind before the big day: Your wedding shoes are one of the most important elements about your outfit!

Being comfortable in your shoes is the best gift you’ll give yourself on your wedding… so here are five tips you need to make that happen:

Ditch the sky-high heels: Yes they look great and make you feel more confident, but not when you’re wearing them for 12 hours! You’ll love yourself the first hour, but hate yourself after.

Wear them in: Make sure you get to wear in your wedding shoes a few weeks before your wedding; walk around the house wearing them, and even try dancing in them!

Colorful shoes: Brides no longer follow fashion rules when it comes to their weddings; they’re picking colorful statement shoes to contrast with their wedding dresses, and we cannot agree more, this is a great way to show your personality and taste.

Classic shoes: If you want a white or ivory pair of shoes, take your dress fabric with you and compare the shades of whites and ivory to make sure they don’t clash.

Have backup shoes: If you still want to wear those beautiful heels but they are not as comfortable as you wanted, wear them for the beginning of your wedding and wedding photos, then bring along a comfortable pair to dance the night away.

Save your shoes: Some brides take their wedding shoes to be cleaned, so they can store them away in a box to remind them of their special day.