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Bridal Accessory for 2012: Wrist Watch!

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Bridal Accessory for 2012: Wrist Watch!

We rarely see a bride wearing a wrist watch on her wedding day. Brides usually prefer to wear jewelry or a diamond bracelet, but let us tell you something; you can still wear a wrist watch on your big day and look stylish!

You might ask, why would a bride want to check the time on her wedding? Well, it’s not really about checking the time, but rather a nice touch to your bridal look!








Watches come in many stylish designs that would go perfectly with every bride's look. Here are a few of our favorites…


Something Old:

A vintage watch will give you a more feminine and romantic look, and can be your something old.




Something New:

Buy a new wrist watch to show off at your wedding, and you can wear it after the wedding is done too.




Something Borrowed:

Ask your mother, grandmother, mother in law or aunt if you could borrow a watch from them. It could also be your something old.






Something Blue:

You can find wrist watches in all colors these days. If you have a favorite color then get a watch in that color, or you can have your something blue by getting a watch with blue stones and jewels, or even a blue strap!





2 in 1:

Why not have your wrist watch substitute a bracelet? Wrist watches come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. Look for a watch that is more of a jewelry item than just a plain watch!






His and Hers:

Go on a shopping spree with your fiancé and buy a his and hers or unisex watches, one for him and one for you, to wear on your big day! Want to surprise him? Buy him one as a present!