The Elisabetta Polignano's 2018 Bridal Collection

The Elisabetta Polignano's 2018 Bridal Collection

Dappling light and reflections fleeing into the water, the seductive marvels of a city that seems to have emerged from the sea to spread Venice to the world. Venice, a precious Italian jewel, is the inspiration for the new 2018 Bridal Collections from Elisabetta Polignano. An act of love for all that is made in Italy, and an ode to beauty that blossoms like a gift to the whole world.

The gowns in the 2018 Bridal Collections express a new ideal femininity: one that is dreamy and romantic. They are precious garments with balanced harmony and perfect fit that follow the body and adapt gently to it, and they are entirely made of silk sourced exclusively from Italian weavers. These are the elements that have always distinguished and guaranteed the creations of Elisabetta Polignano.

There are dresses in a multitude of shapes: soft, flowing and comfortable. And there are special touches, like the detachable overskirts that allow them to ‘transform’ into evening gowns, the finely crafted embroidery and romantic elements evoking flowers and flights of butterflies, the lightness of blown glass, the lustre of crystals and the sheer joy of the playful murrine created by the most talented artisans. Balloon skirts, plissé work, and big, lavish bows inspired by eighteenth-century Venice. Chiffon, georgette, organza and silk mikado, fil coupé work, and the timeless elegance of lace: all fabrics are strictly 100% made in Italy and entirely hand-worked at every phase, from creation to the finished model. The dominant colors are extremely refined: silk white, biscuit ivory, the nuances of cream and shades of green, pink, sky-blue and purple, which recall the shimmering water.    

 “2018 will be a magical year, bringing a new vision of the bride,” explains Elisabetta Polignano. “So the garments in the 2018 Collections introduce a wealth of innovation and the EP Elisabetta Polignano and Vision lines reflect this transformation phase. They are inspired by Venice, a city that evokes intense feelings and has always been open to new horizons, projected onto the world and towards new discoveries. It is also a city of unparalleled charm, art, history and culture. I am enchanted by its colours, the fine architecture of its palaces, and its innate elegance, and I have tried to transfer this to my bridal world. This is the origin of my special dedication to all things made in Italy and my tribute to my muses, all true women, and to the beauty in everyone.”

The shapes and details of the different models reveal the personality of every future bride, express her uniqueness and are a conduit to the heart of her innermost essence.