Fabulous Eid Kaftans By Selma Benomar Kaftans

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Fabulous Eid Kaftans By Selma Benomar Kaftans

With Eid just around the corner, a Kaftan is one traditional outfit that is loved by many women. It brings out the feminine side of a woman while keeping comfort in mind. Just like actress, Mayssa Maghrebi who has taken to her Emirati-Moroccan roots, showcasing a stunning range of luxurious Kaftans by the Moroccan Kaftan label, Selma Benomar.

The luxury and grandeur of Selma Benomar Kaftans has been the topic at many gatherings in the region.  The Kaftans are synonyms for the impeccable quality and lush work. From rusty goldens to watery sky blues and almost pearly whites, every graceful piece for Eid is complemented with rippling embroidery and embellished with delicate stonework. Though simplistic, each piece is unique and highlights the personality of the woman wearing the piece. The opulence, the grace that comes with a real caftan is portrayed using only the highest quality of materials. 

The Moroccan heritage-depicting designer tends to take inspiration from the natural beauty around us. The movement of light, structured silhouettes, and Selma Benomar’s Moroccan mastery radiates from every piece with the color palette taking forward the designer’s perception of a beautiful summer evening. 

Adding that perfect touch to the almost magical pieces, the delicate belt that accompanies many caftan pieces has become signature to the brand, creating a balance between the lush embroidered upper body that extends to the whirlpools of regal fabric. Pleating in waves around the waist, with an array of eye-catching design, Mayssa looks every inch of the empowering Arab women that she is.

The first choice of the contemporary Arab woman, as well as of prominent celebrities like Mayssa, who demand a luxurious, modern, fashionable interpretation of this classic robe. Benomar’s extravagant, elaborate and charismatic designs reflect her creativity, portraying her love for travel and nature, as well as her keen eye.