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Fashion Tips to Make You Look Taller

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Fashion Tips to Make You Look Taller

When your a petite or short girl it is not always easy to pull off certain outfits or dresses, many short girls try different tricks to look taller for their wedding or events, and the best known solution is high heels, but that is not the only solution for petite girls out there, there are many clever tricks you can try to fake those extra inches.

Here are some super cool fashion trick to help you look taller:

  • Bring Out Your Pointy Flats

For you petite ladies out there, bring out your pointy shoes, it is proven that girls who wear pointy shoes seem taller since they add length to your legs.

Chanel Kitten Heels



  • Stick to Smaller Bags

Match your bag to your body size, the larger your bag the more petite you will look. So make sure you stick to smaller cross body bags or shoulder bags.

Carolina Herrera Shoulder/Clutch Bag


  • V-necks

When you show off some skin on your neck with a simple V-Neck top, it will give the illusion of a longer and leaner torso.

Diane Von Furstenburg V-Neck


  • Flared Jeans

It is not just the number one trend at Milan Fashion Week but also a great trick to make you look taller! Flared jeans create an illusion of longer legs, make sure the waist band of your jeans hit your natural waist line not lower or higher and your jeans should fit you tight on the leg till they flare our in the bottom.

True Religion Jeans


  • Rock One Color

Wearing one color gives the illusion that you are taller, you don’t have to necessarily wear all black, you can also rock any other color as long as you stick to one color outfits.

Victoria Secret Sequin Mini Dress


  • The Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts can make you look taller as well. Pair it with a fitted top and tuck it into the skirt to give an illusion of a taller body. You can also wear high heels and keep the skirt long enough to cover the shoes, which can add another couple of inches to your length.

  • The Magic Bun

Put your hair in a bun, yes, it does add length. And it is also a classy hair style as well, you can rock a messy bun for a more casual look.

  • Low Cut Vamp Heels

Choose a shoe with a low cut vamp, in other words, the lower the vamp of your shoes the more revealed your leg will be, while high vamp heels can make your feet look shorter.

If you can find heels that matches your skin color even better, it will give the effect of longer feet.

Christian Louboutin Hot Chick Heels


  • Wear Vertical Lines

When you wear vertical lines the eye takes in more height than width. Horizontal lines draw the eye side to side causing to add more width and less length.

  • Go Extreme

When you're petite, you can wear super short clothes, but remember to keep it classy at the same time, wearing shorts or mini skirts will give the impression that your legs are much longer than they actually are.

Guess Sequin Skirt


  • High-Waist Bottoms

With high waist bottoms, you trick the eye into thinking you're taller by elongating your lower body. You can match your high waist bottoms with a little crop top to show off the high waist properly or tuck in your shirt.

  • Go Nude

Gabrielle Chanel herself used to wear shoes that were nude colored to give the illusion of longer legs, the tip of the shoe used to be black to make the foot look slimmer.

Article Contributed by: Fashion House Amman

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