Get Your Jellabiya Inspiration from Emirati Star Ahlam

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Get Your Jellabiya Inspiration from Emirati Star Ahlam

Now that Ramadan has arrived, and celebrities are always competing with their looks to shine during Ramadan, this is why we believe they make a great inspiration.

If you are a bride to be, then be ready to have all eyes on you this Ramadan, this is why you should always look your best.

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But if you are someone who preffers to look at celebrities for inspiration then we have some amazing jellabiya ideas for you worn by Emirati star Ahlam.

Ahlam is known for her daring and luxurious taste when it comes to makeup, hairstyles, jewelry, and of course fashion. She always likes to stand out and be unique when it comes to style.

Ahlam always shares her latest looks with her fans on her social media channels. Ahlam has shared many beautiful looks that are perfect for Ramadan.

Ahlam showed off different abayas and jellabiyas some open at the front. Others came in beautiful summery colors. Ahlam also finished off her looks with small hand bags and purses in beautiful colors to make the look even more elegant.

Whether you are looking for ideas for your Ramadan iftar or suhoor you will find inspiration in these stunning pieces worn by Ahlam.