How to Choose Your Wedding Veil Length

How to Choose Your Wedding Veil Length

The bride making her grand entrance, the music is on, she's glowing in her wedding gown and her face is covered with a veil. That spectacular moment always gives me goosebumps at weddings, all eyes are on the bride and groom as he lifts up her veil to sneak a kiss and then it cascades beautifully on her face.

See, that's how a veil can add a lot to your bridal style on your wedding day and it's very important to choose the right wedding veil that will compliment your wedding gown and your wedding day style in general.

Most brides focus on choosing the wedding gown and don't give enough attention to the wedding veil, but much thought should be given to all the details for an amazing overall bridal look.

When it comes to wedding veils, there are different types and lengths, here's a guide to wedding veil lengths from shortest to longest:

Shoulder: A short veil that ends near the top of the wedding dress, so it hits just above or right on the shoulders. It gives off a playful look as it is less traditional and it's most suitable for daytime wedding ceremonies.

Elbow: If you have details such as a belt or a back-bow on your wedding dress that you want to showoff, then the elbow length veil should be your choice. It reaches just at your elbows and they also work well with ball gown wedding dresses as they end where the skirt fullness starts.

Fingertip: This is one of the most popular veil lengths, just stretch your arms to your sides and it shall fall where your fingertips are at. It is a medium length wedding veil and will suit various wedding dress styles specially ones with details on their hem.

Waltz: If you want a considerably long wedding veil but want to move around freely, the Waltz wedding veil is a great option as it falls between your knees and ankles, so you'll have the length but not the trouble of it.

Chapel: Wearing a wedding dress with a train? Then the chapel wedding veil is the best option to go with it, it's long in length and will extend on the floor for a couple of centimeters creating a beautiful voluminous effect.

Cathedral: If you want the most dramatic bridal entrance, you must go for the cathedral veil, think royal weddings and extravaganza. It extends to a couple of meters and falls gracefully behind the bride as she makes her way. However, it is not the most practical choice as it's the most difficult to move around in, imagine hitting the dance floor wearing it?

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