How to Wear Flats in Winter

How to Wear Flats in Winter

It’s freezing outside, but you still want to wear those cute flats you recently bought? Well guess what? You still can!

These tips and trends will let you wear flats during winter and without freezing your feet off:

Trend: Wear socks with your flats, find a pretty pair of socks and show them off.

Tip: You hate going to work in your snow boots? Why not leave a pair of black flats at the office you can change into when you’re there for that important meeting you have.

Trend: Wear your flats with some cool patterned tights to keep you warm.

Tip: There is such a thing as winter flats and summer flats, so when buying flats for winter, look for flats that are made of leather or suede.

Trend: Sheepskin lined flats are now seen at the stores, and we must say we’re pretty happy about it.