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Krikor Jabotian Gives His Brides “Closure”

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Krikor Jabotian Gives His Brides “Closure”

Krikor Jabotian began working at Elie Saab’s creative department; he then decided to start creating his own beautiful fashion designs.

Here is how Krikor’s latest bridal collection “Closure” is described by him:

“You stand poised in the doorway. The warm breeze blows over the threshold, carrying the faint sounds of a melody. Straining to listen, a motif begins to emerge, faint but recognizable. Reaching a cadence, a different voice picks up the melody...

A key change, a moment of discord - but the phrase is resolved. The motif returns, more defined this time. Looking back, just for a moment, you see the dust of times past settle. The voice, clear now, sculpts the melody; it grows more muscular, more assertive. Moving in time with the rhythm, assured now of the way, you cross the threshold, let out a breath: the full harmony.”

We leave you here with a few pictures, click to view the full collection.