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Latest German-Made Wedding Dresses by Samiha Baehr

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Latest German-Made Wedding Dresses by Samiha Baehr

The stamp “Made in Germany” is a testimony for quality. Nonetheless, over the past years the German textile industry has delegated its expertise to other countries. Bridal fashion is mostly produced abroad, one designer who brought the production of her collection back to Germany is Samiha Baehr!

Since 2017, Samiha has shifted the production of her annually changing collection to her own bridal studio in Bruchköbel, Germany. 

“Germany was once the largest textile industries, led by cities such as Munich and Aschaffenburg. Unfortunately, there is nothing left today. I think that’s a shame and I would like to change this. Political events abroad have also moved to relocate the production back to Germany. I am convinced that I can achieve and change something in and for Germany”, says the motivated designer Samiha.


Samiha Baehr can provide special services to specialzed dealers and customers. “The great advantage I have is that I can closely monitor the production of the dresses. I experience how my designs are created and can quickly implement quick changes, new ideas or any other wishes the bride or retailer may have. Every dress goes through my final check before leaving the studio. Each piece is unique and every bride greets this as one of the special services we offer. Furthermore, I am very pleased that we can offer very short delivery times and every last minute order can be executed in a timely manner.


The label Couture by Samiha Baehr has received a great deal of political support in recent months. There is an interest in bringing the textile industry back to Germany; which would create jobs for many people; especially giving refugees a chance to work in their learned professions. Samiha's big wish is that the label “Made in Germany” has a future again. 

Samiha designs and produces wedding dresses that emphasize the feminine silhouette, and, thus, puts femininity in the foreground. This is also evident in her new collection of wedding dresses. “My clothes are made with the best possible fit. Each cut is created by myself and puts the self-confident woman in the center. My collection captivates with feminine, varied cuts, which are themed and especially fresh and enlightening.”

In 2019, Semiha Baehr will set out on sporty and modern vintage styles. “The brides do not want to dress up, but feel good and be themselves. The two new styles complement our otherwise very feminine collection with figure-hugging cuts. We are very happy to be able to take on very different styles and to offer the retailers and brides a varied assortment. “Spectacular jacquard fabrics, high quality tulle and equally unique lace, which were woven according to the designer’s ideas, give the 2019 collection something special. In addition to the ivory wedding color, the modern dresses feature nude tones, the trend color light pink and other colors accents.


Semiha Baehr has now included a collection of special evening wear as well. “I was able to design exclusive evening wear for special red carpet events”. Semiha presented her current collection of bridal and evening wear at the Main International Trade Fair and caught the interest of several retailers from Germany and Switzerland. Various retails have already added her collection to their assortment.

Just a few days after Interbride, the fashion designer and clothing technician is working on the designs for the clothes of the collection 2020. The new models are characterized by imaginative fabrics, floral lace and 3D-effects. The feminine and sporty styles remain modern and the vintage look is still trendy.

Model: Tatjana Gsell

Photographer: Svetlana Schuster