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The Most Stylish Muslim Wedding Clothes For Brides

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The Most Stylish Muslim Wedding Clothes For Brides

The best part about being a Muslim bride is that one is open to a range of choices. There are almost fifty Muslim majority countries in the world and so the modern Muslim couples are free to choose their outfits from any of these diverse cultures.

A Muslim wedding can last anywhere between 1 and 7 days, depending on how many functions and traditions the couple and their families or friends want to celebrate. Of course, there’s a separate outfit for each of these celebrations and these outfits can be classified broadly into one of 3 categories:

  • The Western and Arab Style: This usually involves a white outfit for the bride with a beautiful veil.
  • South Asian weddings: Here we mainly refer to the Pakistani/ Indian style outfits which are all about the magic of colors.
  • African: Considering the diversity of Africa, outfits of this region can be anything from simple monochrome to bright and colorful.

When it comes to western and Arab style bridal outfits, one of the most awe inspiring dresses was definitely the one worn by the Armenian billionaire Said Gutseriev and his wife KhadijaUzhakhovs in the most lavish wedding of the year. The bride was seen wearing a pure white satin gown, heavily embellished with beads and the dress had the longest veil and train that I have ever seen. The dress was custom made by Elie Saab and if I were to define it in one word, then it would surely be “majestic.”


Image courtesy: dailymail

I understand that not all of us have this kind of money to spend on wedding outfits but we can always take inspiration from these outfits and use them to create our own unique style. For instance, a good look at Khadija’s and other lately seen gorgeous bridal dresses tells us that 3-D floral details are not just trending but look great on any Muslim bridal dress. You’ll also note how sheer sleeves help brides make a style statement through even the simplest dresses. So always keep an eye out for such details and see how you can incorporate them in your own outfit.


Image courtesy: Modanisa

  • Bridal Veil:

The veil is also an important part of many Muslim wedding dresses. While some may consider it a traditional and outdated trend, I believe if designed the right way, it can add a whole new level of grace and style to the outfit. Whether a Muslim bride chooses to wear a hijab or not, she can always add a stylish veil that would complement her dress and make-up. The latest trend is to wear a veil that matches or contrasts the dress but is a tone lighter so the face of the bride is visible through it. The veil can be embellished with stones or have a beautiful and fancy border at its front. Have a look at some of the prettiest Muslim wedding veils that we have seen recently:


When finalizing your wedding outfit do keep the time of the year and the venue in mind. Lastly, I would like to encourage all brides to be, to not limit themselves to the latest trends or styles, but rather experiment on your own and go for what you love. It’s amazing to see couples who take such risks and come up with new trends. I recently saw a real life Asian couple that went against the traditional stereotyping and actually chose to wear black on their wedding day and they looked amazing!

It’s couples like these who have firmed my belief that as long as you stay creative, happy and confident, you’ll look amazing. We would love to hear how you feel about these trends and if you have any of your own stories to share.

About the author:

Sarah is a hijabista and fashion consultant at Modanisa. She is really keen on modern, but modest Islamic wear for women, and she’s always trying out new fashion trends and styles.