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Pronovias Bridal Jackets for 2016

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Pronovias Bridal Jackets for 2016

Spanish fashion house Pronovias is known for it's luxurious wedding dresses, and now they have launched their 2016 collection of bridal jackets.

The collection features 6 different designs of cover ups that suit every season, and made from different fabrics such as dantelle, chiffon,  and fur.

The lengths of the sleeves vary from short and medium to long.

The jackets are also perfect for brides who wear hijab and want to look elegant on their wedding day.

Here are the latest Pronovias jackets for 2016:

جاكيت من دار برونوفياس

جاكيت شيفون من دار برونوفياس

جاكيت من برونوفياس

جاكيتبأكمام قصيرة  من دار برونوفياس

جاكيت دانتيل من دار برونوفياس

غطاء فرو من دار برونوفياس