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Rami Kadi's Fall/Winter 2015 Collection: "Un Souffle d'Orient"

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Rami Kadi's Fall/Winter 2015 Collection: "Un Souffle d'Orient"

In Rami Kadi’s latest collection, the typical traits of Arab architecture, ethereal geometric forms, lines and symmetric waves, meet the cool modernity of a couture collection hand crafted with the most antique techniques of embroidery.

This “new arabesque” injects a smart and up-to-date energy to dresses, mini skirts, crop tops, full skirts, capes, jumpsuits, coats and long dresses.

A very precious, yet contemporary and edgy, couture collection, designed for modern queens, women with a sophisticated glamour, in search of a unique style and a twist.The collection, entirely hand made, is an accurate métissage of sartorial innovation and embroidery techniques, the most antique of the entire Ottoman Empire.

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