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Rising Jordanian Bridal Fashion Designers You Must Know

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Rising Jordanian Bridal Fashion Designers You Must Know

Jordan is becoming a fashion destination for Arab ladies, the fashion designers emerging from Amman are young, talented and know exactly what the millenial bride wants.

If you're getting married in Jordan and looking for that special customized wedding dress, you're in good hands with the talented Jordanian fashion designers.

Here are some of the top and rising bridal fashion designers in Jordan:


  • Laith Maalouf - Jordan

Laith Maalouf

Not only brides in Jordan are loving Laith Maalouf's designs, but brides around the Middle East are showing interest as well. Laith is becoming more popular each day and is creating his name in the fashion industry faster than ever.

Laith Maalouf has worked with Eliee Saab and Dany Atrache, making him an expert in his field.

  • Raya Bisharat Fashion - Jordan

Raya Bisharat

The young and talented Raya Bisharat is one of the most loved fashion designers among the fashionistas of Amman, her wedding dresses and special occasion dresses are trendy and simply beautiful.

  • Reema Dahbour - Jordan

Reema Dahbour

Reema Dahbour is one of the youngest fashion designers in Jordan; Reema's designs are feminine and dreamy, she loves to use tulle and pastel colors in her wedidng gowns, which make her stand out from everyone else.

  • Boutique De Mode - Dania Dahleh - Jordan

Dania Dahleh

Dania Dahleh shows her passion for art through her designs, she enrolled at the Institute Villa Pierrfieu-Suisse, and this experience reflects the sophistication on her designs.

  • Ramez Nasser - Jordan

Ramez Nasser

Ramez Nasser's bridal designs are all about simplicity and elegance, Ramez is known to pay close attention to his client's every comment and customizes a dress that suits each bride's personality.

  • Sarah and Hala Asaad - Jordan

Sarah and Hala Asaad

Owners of Nut and Ptah, the talented designers are inspired by their mixed Jordanian and Egyptian cultures. Sarah and Hala not only design fabulous wedding dresses, but also beautiful and unique bridal headpieces.

  • Hussam Haddadin - Jordan

Hussam Haddadin

At the age of 14, Hussam discovered his interest and talent in fashion designing. Hussam enrolled himself in many professional fashion courses "fashion management, fashion collection, fashion display & fashion accessories" from NABA academy - Italy in collaboration with the Garment Design & Training Services Center GSC - Jordan. In 2015 Hussam started his professional work in the fashion designing field under the HH brand name.