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Royal Inspired Tiaras for 2012

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Royal Inspired Tiaras for 2012

This year is all about creating a personalized look for the bride-to-be, every bride needs the right accessories and jewelry to complete her look.

Most brides choose a diamond or crystal tiara for their wedding, but these are not the only choices you have when it comes to tiaras.

This year is all about being creative, unique, and innovative, so here are a few suggestions for your bridal tiara:



Emerald: Get inspired by the second wife of the last Shah of Iran Soraya, who wore a beautiful emerald tiara. If you want to add a touch of green to your bridal look, consider a tiara with green emerald stones.




Blue Sapphire: Having blue gems on your tiara is the perfect way to include "something blue" and a touch of color to your look! Princess Adélaïde of Orleans opted for a family sapphire tiara when she married Pierre-Louis Dailly in 2002.




Pink Topaz: Pink is such a pretty color to include in your bridal look! Clotilde Courau wore a tiara with pink topaz when she married Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy in 2003. It might not be as bold as the others, but who doesn't look pretty in pink?  




Aquamarine: Aquamarine Look stunning on a white bridal background. Inspired by Isabella Orsini who opted for aquamarines when she married Prince Edouard de Ligne.





Coral: Now that's what we call a big statement! If diamonds are not your best friend, then you can consider wearing a coral tiara just like the Princess Inés of Bourbon-Two Sicilies when she married Nobile Michele Carrelli Palombi dei Marchesi di Raiano in 2001. The bride wore a 17th century coral tiara, which was a gift from her husband's family.




Turquoise: Philomena de Tornos married Prince Jean of France in 2009 wearing a tiara used for a couple of centuries for brides in her family. Turquoise always looks great with white!




Ruby: If red is your favorite color and you want to include it not only in your wedding but in your bridal look as well, consider a tiara with red or ruby stones, check out Queen Ingrid of Denmark's Ruby Parure Tiara!




Pearl: If you're looking for a simple alternative for diamonds and crystals, pearls are always elegant and sophisticated! Denmark's own Crown Princess Mary wore a pearl tiara for her wedding.




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