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Seek Your Honeymoon Inspiration from Mariam Said

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Seek Your Honeymoon Inspiration from Mariam Said

Mariam Said, born in 1985, has become a TV sensation and one of the most notable TV presenters on MBC hosting the Arabic version of ET - Entertainment Tonight. Her fans on Instagram exceed 1.7 million. 

The Moroccan bride-to-be, has an elegant style that is both trendy and modest. She carefully selects her dresses, kaftans, or abayas to suit the social occasion she is attending. She mixes between the casual look and classic elegance effortlessly. 

A selection of her Moroccan kaftans were featured in this article: Kaftan Inspiration For Your Henna Party, take a look.

If you are getting maried soon, and have started planning for your honeymoon, then you will find these honeymoon looks by Mariam Said inspirational, especially if you are goining on a beach honeymoon, at least partially. 

Take a look at these styles and looks that are perfect for a care free honeymoon inspired by Mariam Said of Morocco: