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Spring Fashion Trend Advice by Tim Gunn

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Spring Fashion Trend Advice by Tim Gunn

Before you go on your next shopping spree, check out the following pieces of advice we have for you, straight from American fashion consultant Tim Gunn of Project Runway…

Avoid the one fashion mistake most women make, which is picking the wrong size. “They wear things that are too big or too small,” Tim Gunn says, “usually erring on the side of too big.”

The hottest spring trend Tim is excited about is colored chinos. “I’m crazy about these very potently colored chinos.” He favors deeper, more saturated colors over pastels.

Another trend Tim likes for spring 2013 is floral prints. However, Tim gave warning that everyone should be “very mindful of scale, especially if you are petite or you're a larger size. You don't want the print to overwhelm you." Tim suggested, if you are plus size, you should avoid a big print and opt for smaller florals.