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Spring-themed Bridesmaids Dresses

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Spring-themed Bridesmaids Dresses

Bridesmaids dresses play a very big role in complementing your overall wedding theme. And if you're opting for a spring-themed wedding, why not have your bridesmaids wear dresses that reflect this happy season, and add a colorful touch to your big day?














Your bridesmaids don't necessarily have to be too flowery, over-decorated or exaggerated to portray the Spring season, but simple touches can go a long way. Sometimes even choosing the right colors can reflect the theme of your wedding and make a beautiful yet subtle statement.







If your wedding colors have bright greens and yellows, why not have your bridesmaids dresses be in bright lime green? Or perhaps have each one of them wear a different Spring color? This season is all about brightly colored flowers and trees, and that can give you endless color options. Dressing every bridesmaid in a shade of green, for example, shows nature's colorful garden of variety, as well as your wedding's theme.



You can also make use of this colorful variety by adding certain elements to their dresses. Consider adding flowers, leaves, or even fruit patterns on simple dresses. Especially if your wedding reception has fruits as a main theme.