Stunning Wedding Guest Dresses by Arab Fashionistas

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Stunning Wedding Guest Dresses by Arab Fashionistas

Summer weddings are always so much fun, especially if you're having an outdoor wedding, many weddings take place during Summer and Spring.

So you will definitely be invited to a few weddings, and even pre and post wedding events this summer.

If you want to look your best at your next party or event, and turn heads once you enter the venue, then you must find the perfect and most stylish dresses that suits you.

There are so many beautiful and stylish Arab ladies that have become style and fashion icons in the Middle East, especially if you were in Lebanon, Jordan, or Egypt. 

We chose some of our favorite fashionistas and our favorite dresses worn by them to give you some fashion inspiration this summer.

Hannah Al Rasekh: @hannah_rasekh

She is one of the most popular fashion bloggers in the Middle East. This Palistinian-British beauty is also the founder of The Rail boutique.

Hannah in Alexander McQueen


Fouz Al Fahad: @therealfouz

Kuwaiti fashionista Fouz Al Fahad is not only a style icon, she is an expert makeup artist as well. 

Fouz Al Fahad in Elabelz


Karen Wazen Bakhazi: @karenwazenb

Lebanese beauty, mother of 3, a handsome boy and cute twin girls, she is also lifestyle blogger for her blog Karen's Choice.

Karen in Nicolas Jebran


Tala Samman: @myfashdiary

This Syrian fashionista was born in Chicago and raised in Dubai, and has a style blog

Tala in Rami Al Ali