Tony Ward La Mariée Spring 2019 Wedding Dresses

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Tony Ward La Mariée Spring 2019 Wedding Dresses

The Tony Ward La Mariée Spring 2019 collection is a tribute to a country very dear to the designer’s heart, Italy. Besides its undeniable beauty, Italy is the home country of his wife, and where they got married. So how could he not turn to it when looking for a romantic inspiration?

With its picturesque cities, architectural delights, cheerful people and great food, Italy leaves an unforgettable trace in the heart of its visitors and offers them a subtle yet memorable feeling of immersion in a realm of love, happiness and beauty. And that is exactly what the designer had in mind when he imagined his bridal gowns; to create wedding dresses that can express all these cherished emotions in the bride-to-be.

The wedding dresses of this collection are made of refined and delicate materials; lace, silk, guipure and embroidered tulle embellished with 3D flowers, silk threads, sequins, pearls and crystals. The grand volumes and overskirts are perfectly balanced by soft and feminine detailing.

Marching this idealized image of Italy, the wedding dresses of this bridal collection narrate a story of romance and passion.