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Tony Ward's 2015 Bridal Collection " A Leaf Of Faith"

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Tony Ward's 2015 Bridal Collection " A Leaf Of Faith"

Stance, allure, fluidity…There is a Royal aura that emerges from the Tony Ward 2015 Bridal Collection.  The Bride, stealing breaths away, stops time as she carries herself graciously down the aisle, starting point of her new life, with majesty and stature.

It is a very aerial collection, built around light and flowy silhouettes. Dresses corseted with thin wires stand out, while gowns with hundreds of meters of Tulle express an avant-garde look.

Silk thread embroidered leaves, delicately incrusted on transparent Lace, add elegance and glamour to a very poetic atmosphere where a certain modernity remains.

28 dresses account for 28 women who inspired Tony Ward, brides that the designer had the chance to counsel, listen to and helped create the most beautiful day of their lives.

The fancy and Charming Belladonna, the svelt Violetta…as many beautiful flower names as these extraordinary women, create a collection where romance and sophistication reside side by side to immortalize many magical moments.

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