Veil Tips for the Bride

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 Veil Tips for the Bride

Did you know that there was a time where some people believed brides wore opaque veils to hide from evil spirits? But nowadays, brides wear veils to highlight their beauty rather than hide it.

Here are 5 tips you should know when it comes to veils…


#1 Match

Match the veil to your hairstyle, according to how your hair will be arranged on your wedding day. Your veil can be worn in 3 ways: at the top of your head, on the back of your head, or under your up do.


#2 Keep Your Veil with You 

Always always always take your veil with you when you go to consult your stylist or hairdresser before your wedding. It's very important to have the exact image of how you will look like on your big day and know exactly how you want your hair to be done and veil to be placed.


#3 Highlight Certain Parts of the Dress 

Usually, the veil highlights the part where the dress ends. But if you choose a short veil reaching to your shoulders, it well accent your neckline.


#4 Simplify or Accent

 Try to wear a simple veil if your dress is lace or has a lot of details. And vice versa, if the dress is simple and plain, look for a more detailed and embroidered veil.


#5 Accessorize

Adding accessories to your veil can make it look even prettier. You can add flowers, pins, feathers, a fascinator, or a tiara. But always remember to keep it simple and pretty, don't overdo it.